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ZR offers non-invasive butt lift techniques that allows patients to attain tighter and more toned buttocks without going through painful and expensive surgery. The butt lift is often required because of several factors such as weight loss or aging and also for the patients who have loose or hanging skin on and under the buttock.


The buttock lift is not just about having round or big butt, but it’s a technique used to provide patients with perky, youthful butts that adds to a contoured and sensual physique. We use non-invasive Buttock lifting techniques to enhance your rear appeal, improve firmness with tighter lifts, and remove the unwanted cellulite using the latest breakthrough technology. It is a non-invasive procedure that doesn’t require any fat injection.   


ZR Med Spa non-invasive butt lifting techniques helps to treat the cellulite, reduce loose skin, lift the buttocks and make the looks of your butt you always dreamed of.

Our Treatment: 

With our non-invasive butt lifting treatment we ensure to remove all cellulite as we tone and increase glute muscles. Our treatment has the ability to tone and tighten targeted areas through electrode pads placed on the skin. These frequencies delivered to the targeted areas have the benefits of: 

  • Increasing muscular mass in the glute area naturally  

  • Eliminating cellulite 

  • Tighten and rejuvenate sagging skin

  • Helps restore skin collagen 

  • Tone the glute area 

  • Increased blood flow 

Each 60 minute session is equivalent to results normally attained by several hours of intense physical exercise. This treatment can fully eliminate cellulite from your glutes, however we recommend to also incorporate the ZR Cellulite Reduction treatment for fully toned and cellulite-free legs and glutes. 

What should I expect during each session?

The treatment takes place in a private room of the Spa where you will lie down to relax as you enjoy the soothing music and the smell of  aromatherapy candles. You may go on your phone, read a book, or even nap while you are getting your workout. ​

Each session includes:

  • Weekly measurements

  • One hour sessions

  • Weekly weigh-ins

  • Placement of electrode pads on the skin for muscle stimulation

  • Monitoring by a Medical Esthetician 

We recommend to attend our one hour session two to four times per week based on your desired results (Keep in mind that the more often you attend the sooner you will see the results). We will provide you with a personalized experience as we target the areas you desire to shape to your liking and remove the stubborn pockets of fat. 

When will I see results?

You will visibly see results as soon as in one or two weeks although this will vary from patient to patient depending what shape they are in when they begin treatment and adherence to the program. You can find out an estimate during your free consultation as we analyze your body type, your diet, and your plan.​​

I'm ready to change the way I look and feel

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