Cellulite Reduction

As per recent studies, the Cellulite is a common problem that has effected roughly 90% of women at some point during their lives even women who are generally slender and fit. The cellulite typically occurs when underlying fat deposits begin to push through layers of collagen fibers under the skin often on the stomach, arms, the lower limbs, and the buttocks.

There are other factors that could cause the cellulite such as poor diet, lack of physical activity, dehydration, slow metabolism and hormone changes. The cellulite is caused by fibrous tissues that connect the skin to the underlying muscle layer. Between the skin and the muscle is a layer of fat, this fat can push against those connective tissues, causing them to pull the skin downward, resulting in the “cottage cheese”– the appearance of cellulite.

Women tends to get more cellulite than man around their hips and thighs area. A healthy diet and exercise can help to prevent or reduce the appearance of the cellulite but it cannot cure cellulite. Our treatments have been very effective in addressing the cellulite and patients can be treated through non-invasive procedures designed to break the fat cells and firming and toning those targeted muscles will in result tightening the skin and eliminating the cellulite.

At ZR Med Spa, you won’t need to shift through countless possible procedures to find out what fits for you. instead, we’ve done the research for you and picked out the most effective procedures for most cases of cellulite as we have extensive experience treating patients for cellulite reduction. Call us or book your free consultation session. 

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